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Dear Yuletide Author,

Hello!  I'd like to thank you in advance for writing a story for me.  I'm sorry, but I am not the best at writing prompts or anything, but I'll try to give you enough to spark some ideas.  I promise that I have no desire to make your Yuletide difficult, so if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch through the mods. If you want, you can look over my letters from past years for more information: 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009.

Some general comments to start us off:

My only absolute no is rape.  As I've mentioned in other years, dubcon is fine.  But characters who have clearly said or otherwise indicated no?  I just don't want that in my Yuletide story.  (And, uh, I don't think the canons I've requested really lend themselves to rape anyway.)  On the subject of softer limits, I'm not big on the word slut. If the subject of religion comes up in a story, try not to mercilessly mock it.  (Unless, of course, it is a character who mercilessly mocks religion in canon.) Also, body horror is the easiest way to freak me out, so please don't include it unless you're writing an actualfax horror story, in which case it's the perfect thing to terrify me.

As for things I love and would enjoy seeing included: humor (dry, cracky, puns, highbrow, go for it), genderswap, worldbuilding, character interaction, plot twists.  I love all the canons I've requested, so that's also a clue to the types of things that I enjoy, I think.  I think the other two big things to address are violence (I'm cool with it) and shipping (I'm cool with it).  Any rating goes, almost any romantic combo, including none, goes.  (I'll make a special note if there's any people I don't want to see together.) Also, basically any genre is cool.  Wanna write an AU?  Go for it.  Especially if it's a noir or musical AU.

Now on to the fandom-specific stuff, in no particular order.

(Side note: If you aren't my assigned author, my AO3 name is Liviania.)


The Lynburn Legacy - Sarah Rees Brennan
Requested characters: None (Any)
Optional details: I love the characters and their dynamics in this series. So much friendship and love, yet so much angst! I also love the snarkiness, the desire to fight for what's right, and I promise I'll give you more to go on in my letter.

What more to say?  I adore Kami, who just keeps pushing for truth and justice.  I like Jared and Ash, who are so damaged in their own ways.  I want all three of them to have a happy ending, and possibly to learn to communicate better.  I like Angela, who would really just like to be left alone, and Rusty, who would like to be left alone charmingly.  I like Holly, who is uncomfortable with her own skin but hides it.  I like the adults and could really go for some more sparring between Jon and Lillian.

This is a canon where almost any pairing goes even in canon, so I will mention that I don't want any Angela/Rusty.  I have total endgame stars in my eyes for Kami/Jared, but I'm perfectly happy seeing them get down with other people.

As for actual stories I'd like to see with these people . . . maybe them hunting down clues for a Nosy Parker story that has nothing to do with magic?  Perhaps an occasion where they attempt to be social and it goes horribly wrong.  Maybe it crosses over with SRB's other series and they run into demons.  Whatever you do, I definitely want to see some banter.  (Although I know banter is hard.)

I have read Untold and all the available short stories, so don't worry about spoilers.


Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater
Requested characters: Noah Czerny
Optional details: This is basically my favorite book series. So much doom hanging over head, plus mythology, and boys, and Blue . . . Uh, I only selected Noah since he's my favorite, but I love everybody. I'd love an exploration of where Noah goes when he's gone, perhaps his thoughts on the kiss, or anything. I'd also like stuff with the whole cast. Or perhaps imagine an unlikely happy end for Noah!

I'm not sure I have much to this.  I just love this series.  It's so meandering, but everything feels like it ties back to Glendower.  And so much DOOM.  (I already said that, didn't I?)  I picked Noah to request because I love him and his smudgy face and the very little fic there is doesn't really focus on Noah.  And there are just so many questions about him to explore!

Pairing wise, I am totally a Ronan/Adam shipper, which is fairly irrelevant to a request about Noah.  I see Ronan/Gansey as entirely brotherly, but I don't mind it making an appearance in fic.  I am cool with any combination of the boys and/or Blue.

I put several story suggestions in the optional details, but I'll add that I'd be cool seeing something with Noah set before the series, before he met the Raven Boys.

I have read The Dream Thieves, so again, no worries about spoilers.


Simon Snow series - Gemma T. Leslie
Requested characters: None (Any)
Optional details: I want it all! Show me an excerpt from the actual series, show me someone's fanfiction . . . go crazy.

As you know if you signed up for this, Simon Snow is a fictional canon.  And I think that's something really cool to play with.  As I said in my signup, I'd be happy to see both something that's supposed to actually be by "Gemma T. Leslie," or something written by someone in the fandom.  It could be one of Magicath's works, or something by someone else in the fandom.  Give me fanfiction by someone who is annoyed by Magicath the BNF! Anything!

I'd be happy to see any of the characters.  Obviously the book sets up up to be Simon/Baz fangirls.  But I'd be happy to see something with the canon girl characters, or a villain piece.

Basically the only thing I don't want is Harry Potter fanfiction with find-and-replace names.  I'd prefer something that plays up the differences between Simon Snow or Harry Potter.  (Also, fandom wank between HP and SS fandoms would be hilarious, since HP canonically exists in the Fangirl world.)


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)
Requested characters: Jenna Simmons, Leo Fitz
Optional details: Okay, so there isn't a ton of show yet. But I love superheroes and I love spies, and I'm loving this so far. I picked FitzSimmons because I have a real thing for scientist characters. I'd love to see them sciencing, perhaps arguing about their fields. Or something with the whole team. (I promise, like always, there will be more in the letter.)

If you can't tell by my requested canons, I love ensembles.  I like seeing characters play off of each other and combine strengths.  I loved how Simmons and Fitz were introduced - each already half of their little team.  I see them as purely platonic, but feel free to write something shippy.  (Alternately, I could see them dating someone together.)

You can write something about just Simmons and Fitz, or you could involve the whole team.  I like Coulson's cool under pressure, Melinda May's quiet but firm manner, Ward's repression, and Skye's ability to come up with crazy ideas.  Team!fic would be awesome.

Now, I also love science.  I'd really love a piece that allowed Simmons and Fitz to use their respective scientific brains.  (And how much do I love that SHIELD has scientists with different specialties instead of one scientist who has somehow mastered all disciplines?)  I'm not asking for you to entirely ignore the greater MCU, but please don't let the Avengers take over.  If you do go science-y, however, it might be cool for Jane or Betty to show up.  Or perhaps they could be teaching science to the characters.  Maybe Skye needs some schooling in biology or physics to help back up her computer talents.  Alternately, maybe Melinda and Ward decide FitzSimmons do need to be field capable.

Feel free to spoil the show up to the last episode aired before Yuletide and any new MCU developments in Thor 2.


Arrow (TV 2012)
Requested characters: Oliver Queen (Arrow TV)
Optional details: This show is my crack and I love it. I could write essays about Oliver (and probably will in my letter). I'm particularly shippy with Arrow; my favorite ships are Oliver/Diggle/Felicity and Oliver/Slade/Shado, in any combination.

Arrow has some terrible dialogue, and it's very silly, but it's still great TV.  I love just how messed up current!Oliver is - he's so stiff, and has a slightly off cadence to his speech, whereas island!Oliver seems like a floppy puppy.  But I like that he's is managing to become more involved with other people and recover some of his pre-island morality.

I basically ship this show any which way but loose.  I guess I don't ship any Queen family incest, but that's about it.  My favorite ships are Oliver/Diggle/Felicity and Oliver/Slade/Shado, any combination or reduced to any couples.  I like that Diggle and Felicity balance Oliver, setting boundaries and building him back up when he's low.  They point out when he's being a jerk or an idiot, or worse.  I like that Slade and Shado are protective in Oliver, but in a way that focuses on teaching him to protect himself.  I love how competent Slade and Shado are, and that they respect each other.  I like that all three don't give up in impossible situations.

I'd like to see almost anything for Arrow.  Survival on the island stories!  Oliver figures out how to run a business!  Case fic!  The Huntress returns!  How did Oliver join the Russian mafia?  How do other characters see Oliver/The Hood/Whatever name he's using now?  The life and times of a legal aide who needs Mr. Queen's signature and just can't track him down.  A beat cop who is too old for this shit.  Anything.

Again, feel free to spoil the show up to the last episode aired before Yuletide.
good guys
Originally posted by r_a_parker at TSP Special: Psychopomp (A Halloween Anthology)

Downloading: Right click or control click and choose “save as” to save a copy to your computer. You can also simply click to read it online. The table of contents is linked to all the stories and art for easy navigation.

Last year, T. Spoon brought thrills and chills with 'MINE', a Halloween anthology. This year, the author of such classics as 'Present' and 'Wanderlust' brings to you more tales of blood and revenge from beyond the grave. Inside these covers lie vengeful ghosts, a death goddess, an alien with a taste for the exotic, secret rooms, and many more.

As always, thank you to all the authors that participated (Cat, Jaolynn, Ritaxis, Wanda, RDHero, Ani, and Voidmancer). And to the artists (Eggage, G, Rae, Dak, and San). Without you guys there'd be no anthology.

Our editors were Ani, Potatoe, G, Z, and Cat. Thank you for your last minute edits. I can't believe you guys managed to have real life and help out so much. And finally, thanks to Parker for arranging and organizing it into a readable format. With an awesome cover to boot too.

Warnings: Lots of violence in this one and a bit of gore... well, in some cases a lot of it. Dubcon warnings abound.
Rating: Mature to Ultra Mature

Dear Yuletide Author,

Hello!  Thank you for participating in Yuletide and taking the time to write a story just for me (and y'know, any one else who stumbles upon it).  I just know I'm gonna love what you write me already!  I promise that there is not one fandom that I want more, or any optional detail that must be followed or will make with the wank.  I'm an easy-going person and what I want most is for you to write the story you're inspired to write.

For those who aren't my assigned writer, hello to you too!  And if you do want to write me something, my AO3 name is Liviania, not anialove.

Here are links to my previous letters. (2011) (2010) (2009) (2008 is hiding, I guess)

Let's start with a few basics.  I would really appreciate it if there's no rape.  I'm not saying you don't have the chops to write it with sensitivity or whatever, but Yuletide is happy-squee-fun-time and rape tends to harsh my buzz.  I also don't like the word "slut."  I'm sensitive to body horror, but can read it.  I'll just be squirming with terror.  Aside from that, almost anything goes.  If you aren't certain if I'll be cool with something, just ask through the mods.

Some things I really like are genderswapping, worldbuilding, and humor.  I'm just as happy with crack stories as I am with stories that really get under a character's skin.  There's no one genre that's my favorite.  (Which reminds me, AUs are totally fine.)  Feel free to be violent or not - I enjoy well-employed violence.  Any rating goes; I'm an adult and been in fandom long enough to be inured to a lot of boundary pushing.  I'm cool with gen, het, slash, asexuality, poly, queerness, anything.  I'm not much of a shipper so I'm unlikely to jump down your throat for denying the true love of Peanut Butter and Jelly and shipping him with Honey instead.

For each fandom I am including a story brief.  This is in case you aren't really feeling my prompt in the fandom we matched on and want to check out one of my other fandoms.  Then I'm including a brief section on what I like about the fandom, because some people have said that's very helpful.  Then I'm expounding on my prompt, just a little.  Again, all details OPTIONAL.  (And I suck at prompts, so I apologize if they are less than prompt-y.)

On to the fandoms!


Curse Workers series - Holly Black
Cassel Sharpe, Lila Zacharov

I'm mostly interested in what happens to these two crazy kids after the series ends.  I'd love to see scenes from their future, and whether they make their romance work.  (I think Lila could consume Cassel if she isn't careful.)  I love their relationship because it's delicate and passionate and there's all kinds of consent issues whirling between them.  Plus they're a mafia boss (well, future mafia boss) and con man.

Story brief:  This is a trilogy set in a world where magic is criminalized.  Lila Zacharov is a crime boss's daughter, and she's been missing for awhile at the beginning of the first book.  Cassel Sharpe is the protagonist, the youngest son in a family of con men, but he's been trying to go straight and live a normal life.  Unfortunately for him, his brothers keep dragging him back into a life of crime.  These books will rip your heart out and dance on it before making it better again.  Good for anyone who likes morally grey characters, detailed plotting, and difficult relationships.

Why I like this series:  Because it gives me feels, basically.  I like the detailed world Holly Black came up with and all the social status details that come to play throughout the series.  I've read similar stories (because I love a good book about a criminal), but I really got invested in Cassel and he has such wonderful plans and tries so hard but always gets into more trouble.

Basically, I'd be happy to read something sexy about these characters or something about them being criminals who do crime.  (Or, in Cassel's case, doing crime while pretending not to do crime because he's totes on the straight and narrow.)  Or even something that encompasses sexiness and convoluted scheming!  And it doesn't have to focus solely on Cassel and Lila.

One other character I would be interested in seeing, if you aren't pinged by Cassel and Lila alone, is Gage.  I mean, he wasn't around much, but he was sure throwing off some interesting vibes.  Every scene with him was *charged*.  I'd be interested in seeing more detail about him and how he interacts with the rest of the cast.


The Changeover - Margaret Mahy
Sorensen Carlisle

I love Sorry in all his awkward posturing and being a male witch that shouldn't exist.  I'd just love to see a story that explores his character - either his future or before Laura Chant came along.  I kind of think that he and Laura eventually end up together, but that they might go their own ways for awhile.  But I don't really know.  I'd especially love a story that involves him using magic to solve a mystery - or, alternately, him facing a problem that can't be solved with his powers.

Story brief: This is a novel by Margaret Mahy, a New Zealand author who died earlier this year, but not before writing tons of awesome books.  The Changeover is one of her most famous.  It's basically a YA paranormal romance, from way before YA paranormal romance was a thing.  Laura Chant's brother is kidnapped by Carmody Broque, and she becomes a witch to save him.  Her partner in all of this is Sorry, a male witch that she knows from school.  (Not that she knew he was a witch before supernatural things started happening.)  I'm pretty sure that everyone should read this book.  Not in print, but you can get a used copy cheap.

Why I like this book:  Because it makes me swoon.  Mahy writes with a depth that few writers match.  Her stories take a bit of intelligence to tease out, much like Diana Wynne Jones'.  (But Mahy is very different from Jones.)  She never wrote down for her audience.  The Changeover is a very atmospheric book, full of some enigmatic characters.  Sorry desperately wants to be enigmatic, but he's a bit too young to fully pull it off.

I can't think of much to add to this prompt.  This doesn't mean that I want it less than the others, just that I can't think of many details to add.  I feel like Sorry is a comic character, but at the same time quite powerful, smart, and sexy in his own way.  I think he and Chant would grow up to be quite the power couple, in every sense of power.  I think Sorensen Carlise: The College Years would be particularly amusing. 


Jules Louden

We all know that Jules isn't really a whore - part of the movie was that none of the sacrifices really fit the stereotype.  But the movie had the least amount of time to develop Jules and show off her depths.  So show me what kind of person Jules Louden was.  

Story brief: A group of five post-grads* go in to a cabin in the woods.  One by one they're killed by a zombie hillbilly pain family. (*I don't think their ages are given, but the casting gives 'em all that post-graduate look.  No freshman here.)

Why I like this movie:  Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard wrote a horror movie that was actually a horror movie parody.  It is smart and funny and I love it.  It's not scary enough to alienate people who don't like horror, but there's lots of jokes that only horror fans will get.  Your mileage on the movie may vary depending on how much you enjoy Whedon's stuff.  (It felt very Whedon-y to me, but I'm not familiar with Goddard's other works.)

Alternatively, if you don't want to write about pre-movie Jules, I'd like to see the characters reunited in the afterlife.  How do they feel about Marty's decision at the end of the movie?  Just because I want a story showing how Jules does not fit the whore stereotype doesn't mean you have to write a story where she doesn't have sex.  I mean, I don't believe she and Curt weren't sexually active.  And she's probably slept with other people.  But that doesn't equal being a whore, so yes it can be in the story.  I'd definitely be happy with the other characters being important to the story.  There wasn't anyone in the movie that I hated.

Additionally, I chose Jules as a required character because I'd most like a story about her.  But for this fandom, you do not have to include Jules.  (From previous Yuletides, I think the requester can specifically allow the required character to not be required.)  I'd also be interested in another story exploring the world.  What is life like for the monsters, in glass cube cages next to each other?  (They seem to get along in the last act.)  Exactly what happened in 1998?  It's not a super cohesive group of friends - Holden is just a buddy of Curt's that they thought would be a good hook-up for Dana.  Which of their acquaintances narrowly missed being sacrifices?  How would the movie have gone if they were forced into roles that suited them better?


That's it!  Have fun!

TSP Special: Wanderlust (A Travel Anthology)

good guys
Originally posted by r_a_parker at TSP Special: Wanderlust (A Travel Anthology)

Downloading: Right click or control click and choose “save as” to save a copy to your computer. You can also simply click to read it online. The table of contents is linked to all the stories and art for easy navigation.


Whether it's stepping around a corner, crossing an ocean or travelling to another dimension, we're always looking for that next horizon to conquer, which is what inspired T.Spoon to write Wanderlust. Behind this cover lies a collection of short, long and epically long stories that explore what it means to step outside your comfort zone, to leave behind everything you know to explore the unknown, or to find that one place where you belong. In this anthology you'll meet time travellers and illegal aliens, covert operatives and magic knights, inadvertent superheroes and intrepid porn actors.


As with previous anthologies, T. Spoon is made up of a bucket load of talented authors and artists. So a tremendous thank you to, in no particular order, BlueGhostGhost, Berthablue, Ais, Ania, Jaolynn, Voidmancer, G, Zeffy, ManicDak, Parker, Medeni, Coz, Dusk Peterson, Plumblossom .

Special thanks to Ania, Potatoe and Zeffy. Ania, Potatoe, and Zeff for editing their way through the tsunami of words and plot. And an extra bit of thanks to Zeff for her organization skills and for literally drawing tags out of a hat.

Finally, this anthology is dedicated to the comm. You guys are all absolutely amazing and brilliant and wonderful. Thank you for making the community what it is.

Warnings:copious amounts of plot, happily ever afters, not so happily ever after, angst/fluff/snark
Rating: From Everyone all the way to Mature
Length: ~100k overall (YEAH, we know, we're kind of appalled and amazed too)
Note: If you wonder why it sometimes seems like the writer just threw together random plot points, that's because they did. For this anth, we randomly picked out four of TSP's story +tags for the authors (and two for artists) and said, "make a coherent plot out of this." And somehow they did. It's kind of magical.
Originally posted by zeffy_amethyst at TSP Winter Special: Presents (A Winter Anthology)

Downloading: click on the picture, which will take you to a new page. At the top, right corner of the is a "Download original" button. please, please, please download it as it's ugly as all hell on the google documents.


Author/Artist T. Spoon, that guy with the multiple personalities and dashing good looks, is pleased to bring you Presents, a collection of short stories and art with a cold, frosty twist. Whether you're looking for a new take on The Nutcracker, a story about the monster that lives in your toilet (better than it sounds, we promise), or a bit of wintery romance (the snark is optional), you'll get all of that and more between these pages.


In all seriousness, T. Spoon is made up of many talented authors and artists, and this anthology would not have been possible without them. So a great big thank you to Aeiouna, Ais, Ania, Cattails, Dusty_Dreams, G, ManicDak, Parker, Rae, and San.

Special thanks to Ania, G, Potatoe and Parker. Ania, G and Potatoe for whipping the incoherency out of the stories, and pruning away em dashes and semi-colons like a boss. And Parker for both her incredible patience (deadlines are more like suggestions to authors), and all the work she put into formatting this monstrosity.

Finally, this anthology is dedicated to the one and only tanrien. Thank you for all the work you do, for answering our questions with a smile (and at 2am too) and for your composure in the face of our tagging fails.

Warnings: fluff that'll rot your teeth, some language, violence, snark
Rating: From Everyone all the way to Mature
Length: ~49k overall (49,108 to be precise)

Couldn't resist shaking the tree

Now that the Yuletide deadline has passed.

I've got three gifts.  Three.

Thank you.  I mean, I am a fandom nobody, and all of you had to sit through the rambly letter o'doom.  So thanks.  I can't wait.

(It may not be until late on Christmas that I'm able to comment, but just know that I love it already.)

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello Yuletide Writer!

Thank you.  I appreciate you taking the time to write a gift for me.  Here's to our mutual fandom!  *clinks invisible glass*

I've been reading up on what people have been saying on the member comm and am thus trying something new with my letter this year.  I don't write much in this journal, so my old letters are just a scroll away if you want more information about what I like and don't like.  I want to stress, like the mods, that these are OPTIONAL DETAILS that are OPTIONAL.  I'm constantly reading stuff I don't think that I'll like and enjoying it.  (Also, I have been rambling like a madwoman and thus obeying everything I say is impossible and should not be attempted.)

The one thing I would like you to absolutely and positively abide by is no rape.  None of the fandoms I'm requesting have canon rape, so that's not an issue.  I'm cool with dubcon in Danger Days, so I'll elaborate a bit about that in that section.  (Note: This is not a trigger thing.  It's a thing that's often handled poorly in fiction, and I have to see it handled poorly IRL enough that I don't want it spilling into happy fun time.)

I'm fine with all ratings.  Violence doesn't bother me much (although I would be rather surprised to get an ultraviolent Cougar Town fic. Unless it was Cougar Town zombie apocalypse fic, I suppose. This parenthetical has gotten away from me.)  I read gen, het, slash, femmeslash, and poly (not necessarily in that order).  Er, I don't really expect Simba to swear like a sailor, but I'm not offended by strong language.  On second thought, let's put a moratorium on the c-word* and slut.  (*I am linking this in the general spreadsheet and all, so I feel more comfortable censoring the word.)  I don't like either of those words.  I'm not big on anything that shames women for being normal human beings.  I do, however, love the word bitch.  Because bitches are fierce.

This is turning into an essay, isn't it?  I apologize about that.  (Unless you like it, in which case: it's all part of my genius plan.)

Another note that might be important: I am a fairly heretical Protestant and my closest friends practice various other religions.  In fact, due to living with people from other religions there are some practices and festivals I observe that are not Christian in nature.  What I am getting at, though I am not sure how it would come up in any of these fandoms, it that I don't like religion-bashing.  Characters can be atheist, agnostic, Flying Spaghettist, whatever.  Characters can have opinions about religion(s).  Characters can have negative opinions about religion(s).  I just don't want a long author tract about how the Christians or the Jews or the Muslims or whoever is ruining everything.  (Feel free to mock cults, if necessary.)

Cougar Town

My prompt:

I like Jules and Grayson together, think Ellie and Andy are a great married couple, and enjoy the inappropriate sexual tension between Laurie and Travis.  But honestly?  While I wouldn't mind pairing fic, this is a fandom where I'm all about the gen.  I want something kind of like the show: the Cul-de-sac Crew shooting the shit and/or getting into trouble.  (I know I didn't mention Bobby in the paragraph section, but it's not because I don't want to see him in the story!  I just don't ship him with anyone, aside from lingering feelings for Jules.

Alternately, I might enjoy an outsider POV.  Perhaps somewhat creepy, yet sympathetic because he'll never fit in Tom?  I dunno, there are a lot of fun minor characters.  Not Barb.  I enjoy her, but feel an entire story centered on her would be over the top.  (Barb will tell you what she does on top.)  If you want to write something more serious, I am interested in fic exploring the ways Jules and Travis have an unhealthy, if mostly loving and functional, relationship.

Here's the crack request I have to make, even though you'll probably default immediately because I am clearly insane.  Cougar Town: Victorian Era.  Just think about it.  And don't look at me like that.

Additional Details:

I got into Cougar Town as soon as it started . . . well, sort of.  I was in college and watching half-hour comedies on Hulu made for excellent study breaks.  For the first few episodes I thought the show was pretty dire, but then it started becoming everything I love.  Cracky, but rooted in realistic relationships.  Lots of sitcoms throw out gags left and right, but I love how Cougar Town will bring back a gag when you least expect it.  I also like wine.  It's also employing some of my favorite actors and actresses.  (Busy Phillips can do no wrong.)

All but one of the season two episodes are streaming on Hulu. Great for reviewing canon or seeing a truly awesome show (if you're unfamiliar with it).

Danger Days: True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

My prompt:

Characters: Party Poison, Korse

I am utterly fascinated by the Party Poison and Korse relationship - both gen and slash possibilities.  While Party Poison and Korse are the only characters I definitely want, I'd love to see the others.  This is also a fandom where I'm really interested in development of the world.
Please note, I do not like Bandom RPF.

Additional Information:

So one night, I'm up late, watching a movie.  I click it off just in time to catch an insane music video.  ("Na Na Na," if you can't guess.)  It caught my attention, so I figured out what it was from. I liked the other videos for the album (available on YouTube), got hooked on the storyline of "Na Na Na" and "SING" and started listening to the other songs. (I also followed links on the TV Tropes page to the various transmissions and twitters and such.)

In other words: I am not part of bandom.  In fact, I try to avoid RPF.  But the Danger Days fandom does love to mix RPF into the stories.  I've read some that I liked, such as tuesdaysgone's Killljoys series.  But, if possible, I would prefer the Danger Days characters not be treated as alter egos for the band.  If you are in bandom, feel free to throw in other bandom people.  I'm sure, if you mask them a little, other bandom people will get who you mean and I'll be happily clueless.

Anyway . . . Korse and Party Poison's interactions, particularly that smile of Korse's before he shoots Party Poison, ping me hard.  Did these two know each other before they were enemies?  Is their enmity personal or professional?  As mentioned in my prompt, I'm happy with slash or gen for these two.  I am cool with dubcon slash, if it is actual dubious consent.  As in, no one says, "No," or makes another blatant indication for the other to stop.  That is nonconsent.  (I'm pretty sure you're giving me a look write now, but I see this mislabeled all the time.)  It's a tricky line, so definitely don't write it that way if you aren't comfortable with it.

I know Party Poison/Fun Ghoul is the more popular pairing.  (Side note: I do not use order of names to differentiate top/bottom.  I tend to prefer when partners switch.  I'm also cool with non-penetrative sex acts as they don't get enough love.  Second side note: Terrible puns.  Sorry.  They are a theme with me.)  I'm cool with Party Poison/Fun Ghoul, although I'd prefer it not be the focus of the story.  Either that, or write an epic romance that makes me believe in the pairing.  Like I said, I'm not in bandom, so I don't have that background pushing me to pair them.  (I feel I should mention Your Kink Is Not My Kink.  I am not trying to be down on bandom.  It's just not my thing.  If it is your thing, then that's cool with me.  I'm sure I'm passionate about things you don't care for.)

I'd also love to see the other Danger Days characters show up.  Particularly the women, to keep it from being a sausage fest.  And, like I said, I'm interested in the world itself.  How do you reconcile the music video and album timelines?  What's the importance of the girl?  Where does Party Poison find the supplies to dye his hair?  Why cheesy vampire masks?  I also feel like this is a grey and grey morality world.  (I've linked to TV Tropes once, I won't spring a second link on you, promise.)  So: What do the Killjoys do that's bad?  What does BL/ind do that's good?  Are all of their goals mutually exclusive?

I'd promise to blather on less, but I think the next fandom is going to be extra blather-y.

Lion King (1994)

My prompt:

Characters: Nala, Zazu

This one is going to get a ramble in my letter, I know it.  I haven't quite worked out what I want from this fandom yet, just that I want it.
I picked Nala and Zazu out because one possibility I've been considering is what's up in the Pride Lands while Simba's off Hakuna Matata-ing.  I've always liked Nala (proactive, clever, good hunter), and the most recent time I watched the movie I connected to Zazu.  It's tough to be sensible and keep everyone organized, especially when they insist on acting like a bunch of animals.  (Note: I am totally open to terrible, terrible puns.)
Or, y'know, write a high school AU.  (High school musical AU?)

Additional Information:

The Lion King.  This one was my favorite movie as a child, to the point where my sister couldn't bear to watch it.  Today, it's still in my top three (animated movies, at least).  I took my niece to see the 3D re-release and it got me thinking about the old crew again.  I mean, back in kindergarten my best friend and I would pretend to be lions.  I can honestly say that this was my first fandom.

Watching it as an adult, I'm struck by how tight the story is.  So much of the second half calls back to the first half.  But that doesn't mean there aren't holes to play with, like what's up with the folks back at Pride Rock.  Or what happened before the movie.  How did a hornbill become the King's majordomo?

I have seen Lion King 2, if you want to draw from that, but have not seen Lion King 1 1/2.   I am both positive that I've seen episodes of the cartoon and that I remember absolutely nothing about them.  I have not seen the musical, although I've read write-ups of the plot.

Mostly, I don't even want to limit you to Nala and Zazu.  My picking them was slightly arbitrary.  (Another favorite character: Ed.  Because he's hilarious.)  Just, if there's a Lion King story you've been dying to write, I want to read it.

Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms

My prompt:

I love fairytales.  I'm most familiar with French, German, and Russian tales, but I'm open to new stories.  I enjoy retellings and original fairytales.  I like heroines being awesome.  I like retellings that acknowledge problematic aspects of the original.  I like tales that play with setting.  I'm open to gen, het, slash, and femmeslash.
Some of my favorite tales are Rumpelstiltskin, The Death of Koschei the Deathless, Beauty and the Beast, and East of the Sun, West of the Moon.

Additional Information:

As all the original tales are in the public domain, I'll let you track down your own sources.  But this is what's wonderful about the obscure tales - familiarity is a Google search away. Here are the two fairytales I wrote last year: 

Revenge!: A Comedy (1137 words) by faviconLiviania
Fandom: Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms, Sleeping Beauty - All Media Types
Rating: General Audiences Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply Characters: Sleeping Beauty aka Briar Rose Summary:

Sleeping Beauty, as told by the witch and as written by someone on cold medicine.

Rumpelstiltskin: A Hacker's Tale (1603 words) by faviconLiviania
Fandom: Rumpelstilzchen | Rumpelstiltskin (Fairy Tale), Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms
Rating: Not Rated Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Characters: Rumpelstiltskin

A modern retelling of Rumpelstiltskin, in which a young woman must make a computer system unhackable. She's the only one who realizes computers don't work like that.

I'm not linking these to make you ape my style or anything.  I just hope they're a clue into how I view fairytales.

(You'll notice I didn't start with how I got into this fandom.  As if I knew.  I just grew up hearing them and never grew out of the habit, I suppose.)

I may edit the end of this with some tropes I'm particularly particular too, but if that terrible attempt at wordplay didn't give it away, I'm getting a touch punch drunk.

Thanks again!  I hope you have a wonderful Yuletide.

NEW SECTION!  Things I am Particularly Particular To (In Random Order, For No One's Convenience)

Genre-wise, I read almost everything.  Science fiction, fantasy, romance (old and new definition), mystery . . . so if you want to play around with the setting of a source, go for it.  Cougar Town noir: where everyone drinks whiskey instead of wine.  I'm also cool with everything from the fluffiest of fluff to ultraviolence.  (Extra awesome: both together!)  I don't mind if the tone of your fic doesn't match the source as it's believable for the characters.  Perversely going against the source can lead to interesting results.  I'm also cool with crack!fic, if you haven't figured that out yet.

I enjoy plot-driven fiction, but I'd say I'm a bigger fan of character-driven stories.  I also like worldbuilding.  This might be trickier with fairytales, depending on which one you pick, but the other three fandoms definitely have worlds to explore.  (Who lives the next street over from the Cul-de-Sac Crew?  The world may never know.)

I am a big fan of genderqueer fiction.  This can be genderswapping, genderbending, transfic, anything that subverts gender norms, really.  I like gender themes whether they're played seriously or comically, as long as it's done with sensitivity to the fact that there are real people who are confused or distressed by their gender identity.

Feel free to participate in the Misses Claus and Dark Agenda challenges.  Some of the fandoms would need an AU to fit - but go for it if that's what you want to do!

I'm a big fan of humor.  I will love your fic, even if it's horribly angsty, because I love angst too, but I'm listing this here so you know: Go for the cheap joke!  Make a bad pun!  I swear I'll laugh because I am a child.  Honestly.  I like snark and witty banter.  Unarticulate characters do have their own charm, however.

I hope this is everything.

Thank you for not falling over dead due to my rambling on and on.

ETA:  I am ashamed I didn't edit this.

Also, I'm ashamed by all the puns-that-aren't-puns.   Usually I only do that when tipsy. 

Dear Yuletide Author,

north pole
Thank you so much!  I'm excited for whatever you write, but here's a few details to guide you.  Feel free to follow your inspiration wherever it goes, but I know writing can be hard when your ideas are too nebulous.

Don't be afraid to write an AU.  Don't be afraid to throw in any pairing you want.  Do what's right for your story and I'm sure I'll be happy with it.

Here are some things I love:

Proper grammar
Humor (high and low brow - feel free to use puns)
Psychological insight
Surprise twists
Difficult situations and creative solutions
Imitating or subverting the style of the original
Character driven stories
Attention to cultural and historical backgrounds

As for the do-not-want-list . . . all I'm going to ask is for no rape.  I'm fine with really hot dubcon, if you can pull it off, but no rape.

Now, request specific info:

Curse Workers:  White Cat is the first novel in forever that I finished and instantly wanted to write fanfiction for. The Lila/Cassel relationship is so messed up - the power dynamics, the ending of the novel, her relationship with his brother . . . It's sexy and painful and perfect fodder for a story.  I wouldn't object to any other characters showing up.

Cal Leandros:  I love this series because it makes me laugh and has terrific, action-filled plots.  The ensemble really clicks and most of the jokes work just because the characters are so well-established.  I'd love for some sort of plotty adventure, but I'm also up for just seeing the guys and girls shooting the shit.

Arthurian Mythology: When it comes to the Matter of Britain, I am a geek of the highest order.  Throw any version of the legends at me, I can take it.  Mix n' match them!  Gawain is my favorite of the knights and he gets such an awful rap post-Lancelot.  I'd love to see him doing something awesome.  I tend to think of Arthur as manipulative and more aware of the corruption in his kingdome than he lets on.  But if you pick this one, just let loose.  Go where the wealth of source material takes you.  (Bawdy puns would not go amiss.  Nor would thigh wounds.  Thigh wounds never fail to amuse provide an obstacle to overcome.)

Also, feel free to throw the women of the legends in there.  I like almost all of them.  (As I should, considering that one of my research interests is medieval representations of singlewomen versus their actual lives.)

Demon's Lexicon:  Another fun, character driven series with action.  I love that Sarah Rees Brennan is open about ship-teasing all the characters and I'd love to see somebody play with that.  (Aside from Jaime/Mae.  Incest can work in a story, but I don't want to see those particular siblings get it on.)  Much like Cal Leandros, I am happy with these characters in almost any scenario.

Thanks again!  I hope you have a merry Yuletide.

My Thesis

total bull
. . . is absolutely nuts.  I can't believe I'm turning this thing in.  How have they not caught on to the fact yet that my abstract is code for "I am writing short stories about lesbians, werewolves, sexual tension among coworkers, and people getting shoved in front of trucks. Also, there is a long discourse on the proper way to pan fry pork chops"?

Because I love Maggie Stiefvater . . .

here's the LINGER trailer (of awesome):